About us

Young innovation with deep smarts

At 2elevate, we have an innovative approach with deep understanding of the business. Because of our shared values we envision our mission and build on different backgrounds.

bas_kloppenborgBas Kloppenborg is a seasoned petroleum engineer who has worked 22 years for Royal Dutch Shell. Having worked in Asia, Europe, Middle East and West-Africa he knows that while you want to preserve what works in all those cultures, at the same you have to be open to different perspectives on reality. It broadens your horizon and helps us to collaborate, adding value cross boundaries. Implementing change, building sustainable organisational capability fascinate him. Since 2000 Bas has been heavily involved in many business improvement projects both in the technical, operational and the commercial arena. Being a trained facilitator he knows that a good process does not guarantee great outcomes. It is always delivery, i.e. business results that count. In 2Elevate Bas tries to ‘radiate possibility’ by giving more space and time for professional passion. If you increase hydrocarbon recovery, enhance ways of peer collaboration, secure compliance to regulatory requirements and reduce the time wasted on administrative matters, you can be sure you are part of a winning team.
If you want to know more: http://www.shpklop.com/portfolio/who/resume

larsrengersenLars Rengersen is a creator/innovator, which means he is imaginative, future-oriented, enjoying complexity and very creative. In summary this means he really enjoys new things. In his work he is able to quickly grasp needs by listening carefully and develop a vision how to significantly move forward.
Because of his background and interest in IT and people it is also about how to support organisations with systems that really make a difference. Working as a co-founder of Monito Design & Internet this is his area of expertise. This is applied into a niche service called business visualisation. Working in projects for Shell and others he has been able to add significant value streamlining the synergies between people, business processes and systems. In 2elevate, he beliefs the same synergies can be applied in well reservoir management. Lars is very motivated to help people to spend their time on what they are passionate about in their job. If you want to know more: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/larsrengersen or http://www.larsrengersen.nl (in Dutch)