Open Space Company

Put the action where the energy is! Gathering idea’s and connecting relevant people in your organisation.

open-space-company-screenshotThere are always people within your organisation with brilliant ideas. But how do you find these people and enable them to put their ideas into action? Open Space Company helps you to do this in a structured and fun way.

Open Space Technology is a proven process to facilitate effective meetings elevating those items that matter to people. In order to structure that process a marketplace is used to gather relevant topics for the meetings. Especially in large groups this market dynamics to come up with the relevant topics, takes a lot of time during the conference. Open Space Company enables you to gather relevant topics prior to your meeting, including a poll on popularity or interest for the subject in your organization.

As a spin-off of the process the Open Space Company tool is free PR for your event. We have experienced that as soon as people start using the tool a ‘buzz’ is created about the conference. While people are following the most popular topics, real time using the polling technique, people start talking about it. This is when the corridor talk starts taking over and the free marketing of your conference takes off.

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